We believe in slow fashion as a sustainable choice, creating clothing that's not just for a season but meant to be passed down for generations.

Everything we produce is made in India, a country we have a deep affinity with. Our commitment to quality starts with the materials. We only use the highest quality, 100% natural fabrics and yarns, all locally sourced.

Our artisans are part of a social cooperation, committed to ethical and sustainable practices. It's important to us to uphold the heirloom craft of crochet, infusing each piece with tradition and artistry but we want to do so mindfully.

We've built strong relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers, many of whom we've worked with from the very beginning. Since our launch in 2019, we've let Yaarn grown organically. We're dedicated to scaling sustainably while never compromising on the craft, creativity, and quality that we're known for.

Our Artisans

Our team of incredibly skilled artisans are not just makers—they're mothers and women empowered by their craft. Based in Narsapuram in South East India, our artisans are part of a family-run cooperative that specializes in lace production, a craft that sustains many rural and semi-urban families in the area.

Our relationship with these artisans is the backbone of everything we do. From the very beginning, we've partnered with this social project, and together we've come a long way. It's more than just a business transaction—it's a partnership built on mutual respect and empowerment. Through our collaboration, we've been able to scale our operations, while also sharing our knowledge of different crochet techniques with the artisans, enriching their skills and opening up new opportunities for them.

The project operates with a central office and manufacturing unit, overseeing all aspects of production. Community leaders, who are experienced artisans in the craft of crochet, lead and mentor groups of mothers and women within their communities. This decentralized approach allows the artisans to work flexibly from home, balancing their craft with family responsibilities.

Located in an area with limited employment opportunities, the cooperative has become a lifeline for many. Originally established as a missionary post to teach lace making, the cooperative has evolved to embrace the craft of crochet, providing meaningful employment and preserving traditional skills in the community.

Responsible Materials

When we started Yaarn, our goal was clear: keep our base materials to a minimum to avoid dead stock and maintain flexibility in our production process. This approach not only minimizes waste but also reduces pressure on our artisans.

Our fabrics and cotton threads are all 100% organic, sourced and manufactured locally in India. Our wool is imported from Australia and New Zeeland but locally processed, combed, spun and dyed with a specialist in Ludhiana - right in the heart of India's wool industry.

We buy our fabrics in bulk to reduce waste and then dye them in small batches, ensuring each piece meets our high standards. Any off cuts of fabric are carefully reworked into smaller newborn accessories and packaging.

Our Process

We believe in small batch production—only crafting what's ordered and keeping minimal stock at our studio.

Crochet is a slow craft, demanding time, skill, and care. That's why all our initial samples are meticulously crafted in-house at our studio in Antwerp by Ann, one of our co-founders. Ann develops patterns for each style and size, ensuring precision, continuity and attention to detail. She also shares her expertise with our crochet community leaders via video calls, teaching them new stitches, patterns, and styles. This collaborative approach allows us to innovate year-round, constantly refining our techniques and elevating our quality.

It's a time-consuming process, but it's how we honor the heirloom craft and maintain sustainable manufacturing practices. It also provides our artisans with continuous, stable employment—an outcome we're proud to support.