Meet Anne and Hannelore, the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Yaarn. Our journey began just after the arrival of the family's first grandchild, when Anne was already fully captivated by - and skilled in the craft of crochet.

With Hannelore's background in fashion and her experience living in Mumbai for a few years, our partnership is the perfect blend of transgenerational expertise. Together, we bring a unique perspective to Yaarn, infusing every design with creativity, tradition, and a deep appreciation for craftsmanship.

About Us

Crafted by generations of mothers and daughters, YAARN embodies the timeless tradition of crochet craftsmanship. Inspired by the crochet muslins treasured within our own family for generations, we embarked on a journey to fashion heirloom-quality garments and accessories that transcend time.

As a Belgian mother-daughter duo, we infuse every design with love and creativity, crafting products tailored for growing families. Spanning from newborns to 6-year-olds, our collection celebrates the whimsy and wonder of childhood in every meticulously stitched detail.

At the heart of YAARN lies a commitment to ethical production. Partnering with the Godavari Delta Women Lace Artisans Co.Op Society in Narsapuram in South-East India, we ensure our pieces are crafted in a supportive environment that empowers women to balance work and family life. By sourcing materials locally and upholding a no-waste policy, we minimize our environmental footprint while championing sustainability. Cotton and wool yarn, the foundation of our designs, reflect our dedication to using 100% natural materials.

Our creations are more than just garments; they are timeless treasures meant to be cherished by multiple generations. With their neutral tones and intricate designs, YAARN pieces transcend seasons, embodying the enduring spirit of craftsmanship passed down through generations of mothers and daughters.

Our Style

Relaxed silhouettes where the heirloom craft of crochet takes center stage. Our styles boast comfortable fits and easy-to-care-for fabrics, ensuring that every piece is both practical and stylish.

Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, our garments are hard-wearing and long-lasting. We take pride in crafting each item with care, ensuring it stands the test of time.

Our sizing philosophy reflects our commitment to longevity. Often grouped, our sizes are designed to last longer and allow for a slightly oversized fit at the start. Plus, our sleeves are intentionally longer, growing with your little one and adding a stylish touch when folded over. It's all those little details that make a big difference.