Size Chart

While our age ranges provide a helpful guideline, we understand that babies come in all shapes and sizes.

We're big fans of sizing up, the fit might then be a bit oversized in the beginning but will grow with your child. Say your baby is 16months then we suggest buying a 2Y.

A lot of our products are adjustable at the waist for longer and a more comfortable wear, and our sleeves are a bit longer for the same reason.

If you are unsure of what size to get, check out the size charts listed below also have a close look at the photos and how we've styled the items as some might be worn more oversized than others.


0-3 months  height: 46-62cm
3-6 months  height: 64-68cm
6-12 months  height: 66-76cm
12-18 months  height: 78-86cm



1-2 years

height: 79-87cm waist: 50-51cm chest: 51-53cm

3-4  years

 height: 97-104cm waist: 52-53cm chest: 56-58cm

5-6 years

 height: 112-119cm waist: 55-56cm chest: 61-64cm