Care Instructions

All our pieces are made to be worn - we use the highest quality of yarns, fabrics and crochet techniques to make it last a lifetime. Caring properly for a handmade garment is key to ensuring it lasts for generations to come.


Caring for Cotton

All our cotton pieces can be machine washed at up to 40°C - our base fabrics are a soft quality of 100% organic cotton muslin and get softer with every wash. The thread we use for our crochet border is colourfast and won't bleed into the fabric. The crochet finish will benefit from pulling it back into shape when wet so that it dries into the ideal shape and won't need ironing. 

The full crochet cotton pieces can also be machine washed but we suggest washing them cold with mild soap on a low spin. Lay flat to dry.


Caring for Wool

Our woolen items are made of a beautiful quality that can be washed on a handwash cycle in the machine - cold wash, low spin and woolen detergent. Lay flat to dry. Never put your woolen items in the dryer.

Know that wool shouldn't be washed often and spill won't be absorbed immediately into the fiber so a lot can be solved by caring for a spill with some cold water and dabbing a cotton towel to treat a spot locally.

Wool is also naturally antibacterial so a refresh can be achieved by letting the garment air outside for a few hours.