Modern classics, created by generations of mothers & daughters.

Cherished memories and a passion for timeless craftsmanship lay the foundation for YAARN. Inspired by the crochet muslins passed down through generations in our family, we embarked on a journey to create heirloom pieces that transcend time. We pour our love and creativity into designing products for growing families. From newborns to 6 year-olds, our range of crochet garments and accessories celebrates the joy of childhood in every stitch.

Swaddles & Blankets

Cotton muslin is a naturally breathable fabric and our products are made from the softest quality. They are the everyday essential with a newborn for their million and one uses - as a swaddle, a blanket, a stroller cover, a playmat, a towel etc. ...

Heirloom Crochet Clothing

Designed in our Antwerp studio, we combine heritage crochet with modern design and colours.


Ethical production is one of our main principles. All our products are handmade by a social organization in India, our materials 100% natural and everything is locally sourced.

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