India Sourcing Trip

India Sourcing Trip

We just returned after having spent a little over a week traveling through India. Set out as a sourcing trip, we were able to puzzle in important meetings in South and North India - with (new) suppliers and our crochet artisans.

It had been a few years since both Anne and I had travelled to India together, our last time together was well before we launched YAARN and that trip inspired us to start putting some feelers out to see if we would be able to get specialized crochet produced in India.

Now 7 years after that first trip we are well prepared to expand our children’s crochet clothing line, start working with custom made natural threads and help our artisans to better organize and streamline our production and incoming orders.

These are some of our favourite photos of things that caught our eye. A mix of images shot in Delhi, Narsapuram, Ludhiana & Hyderabad.


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